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Jordan Mae Chu Stokes


Designer: Jordan Mae Chu Stokes
Hometown: Boone, North Carolina
Collection Title: “Dreamers”


Jordan has been surrounded by creativity her entire life. Her parents, both professional musicians, encouraged her innate artistic side from the start, in music as a pianist and art as a jewelry designer. The years of creative expression led Jordan to the world of fashion. She fell in love with the beauty and craftsmanship behind avant-garde and haute couture. While at NC State, she has participated in the inaugural White House Fashion Education Workshop initiated by First Lady Michelle Obama and interned for designer Prabal Gurung in New York City. Today, she is a production assistant for Lumina Clothing, an American made menswear company in Raleigh, NC.

Collection Description (Inspiration, Concept, Silhouettes, etc)

“Dreamers” is inspired by the freedom and the limitless dreamland of young love. The textiles used are infused with youthful colors and sheen. “Dreamers” is designed around a denim core and accented with iridescence and dusty pastels. The silhouettes are influenced by urban streetwear and embellished with couture techniques.  Love is for dreaming. Fashion is for dreaming.