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Jisu Kim


Designer: Jisu Kim
Hometown: Burlington
Collection Title: Born to Blossom


A Believer and a Follower, Jisu has always loved art and fashion. She believes that fashion is one of the best ways to express individualities, confidence and beliefs. Jisu has loved drawing and painting from her childhood. She found strong interests in drawing human body, active body movement as well as movement of garments on a body. She then started to study fashion and apparel in depth. She started sewing and patternmaking when she was in high school, making shorts and skirts for herself. At NC State, she found her interest in product development which brings fashion to real life, and she is now pursuing her career in fashion apparel product development and technical design. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree in May 2017, she will be pursuing her Masters of Textiles at NC State.


“Born to Blossom” is about finding balance between modesty and expression of sexuality. Jisu was inspired by sexualized and objectified women’s body in nowadays fashion industry. She created a line of feminine, soft business wear and evening wear for beautiful and confident women. The silhouettes and colors of “Defined” are inspired by flowers and flower-like woman to make them more beautiful and happy as Christian Dior had pursued for his whole