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Olivia Enright


Hometown: Cary, North Carolina
Collection Title: Parallaxis


Olivia is a 5th year student athlete and a North Carolina native. Always encouraged by her parents to follow her dreams, she chose to pursue her running career on the NC State Track and Cross Country team as well as chase a future in fashion at NC State’s College Of Textiles. Through her opportunity to participate in Senior Studio, Olivia hopes to further her knowledge of athletic wear and push the boundaries of her sewing skills. Constantly surrounded by fashion inspiration in the form of her sisters and teammates, Olivia aims to continue a life of fitness and fashion when she graduates.

Collection Description: “Parallax is the apparent movement of one object relative to another, due to the motion of the observer.” The fabrics and silhouettes in Parallaxis provide the wearer with fitness garments that can be worn in and away from the gym. This women’s activewear collection uses motion and holographic textiles to inspire movement through fitness. With garments focused on function, style, and comfort, the women wearing Parallaxis are encouraged to exude confidence and strength in all their endeavors.