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Michael Cottingham


Hometown: Kernersville, NC
Collection Title: Relief


Michael grew up with a strong family background. He was first influenced by his best friend and late great-grandmother, Jean Ross, with her eccentric costume jewelry and matching hats, shoes, belts, and bags. He saw beauty in style and the power that it held. Through his life, Michael saw a career dealing with fashion and design, which took him to The University of South Carolina majoring in International Business and Retail Management. During his time there he took up costume design in the theater department and craved to learn more of garment construction and design. This brought him to North Carolina State University, furthering his knowledge in the industry he adores.

Collection Description: Relief is a collection that was born out of desire. The desire to be more, do more, and want more. During its inception the collection drew off of the designer’s personal experience and emotions.

“Going through this stage in my life, I have learned that nothing is eternal except the things that you work to keep and grow. As I am about to graduate, deal with uncertainty about the future, support loved ones as they go out on their own life paths, say goodbye to a place I’ve called home, handle insecurities in my own life, and ultimately seal the past so I can move forward knowing I have closure, I want this collection to do that for me. Say Goodbye to all these things and to give me Relief.”