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Kristen McKaraher


Hometown: Hickory, NC
Collection Title: The Isles


Kristen started making and designing clothes for her dolls at a young age, thus started her desire for sewing and interest with fashion. In high school, she participated in apparel classes where she realized designing was what she wanted to do for a living. With the suggestion of her apparel teacher, she looked into NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles STEP program. She was accepted and participating in the program the summer after her junior year. During her time at STEP, she fell in love with the campus. Kristen knew that NC State was where she wanted to pursue her career in fashion. Freshman year she took her first sewing class at State and was encouraged by her teacher to participate in the preshow of Threads fashion show spring 2013.  After the preshow, she made the decision she wanted to be in Threads her senior year as a designer.

Collection: Kristen’s collection is all about the beauty of the Greek Isles. Her inspiration comes from the brilliant blue waters and crisp white buildings. McKaraher’s line is designed for the woman who finds relaxation in travelling to different places and exploring the scenery and culture. She needs a wardrobe that reflects and accommodates her relaxing activities such as going to the beach, sightseeing, and enjoying an elegant dinner overlooking the water.