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Jaclyn Fotsch


Hometown: Mooresville, North Carolina
Collection Title: Cereal Killers


Jaclyn claims her interest in fashion was not something that developed, but rather, was existent since the day she was born. She grew up as one of four girls, who were all very close, but all had individual interests. Her individual interest was fashion and she took to it in every way she could. At a young age, She found a haven in the world of fashion and art, where she saw a new form of appreciation for the different, evaluation of the everyday, and freedom for the mind and eye. She thrived on the idea of creating something new and different. She wanted to inspire people to lead more interesting lives, take on a new and colorful perspective, and look for the humor in the everyday.

Collection Description: “Cereal Killerz” was inspired by a time in Jaclyn’s life she likes to call, “Saturday Mornings of the 2000’s”. Looking back on these days, they were filled with colorful marshmallow cereals, coco puffs, quality animated cartoons, matching pj’s worn for the entirety of the day and LISA FRANK everything! It was a time of joy, whimsy, chaos, light heartedness, and a thirst for life.  Her collection translates the essence of this lifestyle through animated prints, bright colors, simplistic silhouettes, and over exaggerated concepts. The collection channels a high fashion, eccentric aesthetic that aims to be inviting rather than intimidating with its quirky and comical elements.

BACKGROUND: As kids of the 2000’s, we were the last generation to grow up before the advent of social media and smart phone technology. Therefore I believe we got to experience childhood in a way in which no one will ever will again.

Things we miss from the 2000’S: Dunk-A-Roos, Skip-Its, Limited Too, Easy Bake Oven, Shrinky Dinks, Butterfly clips, CDs, Disney Channel movies, Rugrats, Hit-Clips, Mood rings, Hey Arnold