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Cindy Rice

Cindy Rice 5x7

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Collection Title: Decorative Bliss


Cindy Rice is a senior in Fashion and Textile Design with a concentration in Textile Design. She finds inspiration in many areas of life, and strives to create designs that radiate blissful feelings. Coming from a background more focused in art and sewing, textile design has been an area where Cindy has been able to explore and grow. While attending NC State, she has participated in exhibitions and runway shows in NC State Fashion Week, as well as other competitions. After graduation she wants to pursue a career in textile design at a company focused on prints or knits.

Collection Description: Decorative Bliss is a collection of designs that create an oasis for the chic woman. A woman who emanates happiness and grace. Inspired by dance, the patterns are created to show gracefulness and movement, while incorporating elements inspired by the Baroque time period.  The colors used create a fun but relaxing aura.