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Amy Chu


Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Collection Title: Effectual


Amy has always been interested in crafts and creating items. She began sewing at a young age, creating pillows and other small crafts from fabric scraps. She took her first apparel course in middle school, and continued with those courses into high school, going on to win 1st place in Fashion Design at the NC FCCLA Leadership Conference her senior year in high school. At NC State, Amy is involved with a service fraternity, a business fraternity, as well as a hip-hop dance crew. She is also on the Board of Directors with Dance Marathon at NC State, which raises money for Duke Children’s Hospital. In her spare time, she enjoys going out with friends, visiting new places, cooking different recipes, and spending time with her family and dog. Amy will graduate in Spring 2016 with a degree in both Fashion and Textile Management and Business Administration.

Collection Description: Amy’s collection is based off of the concept of zero-waste, focusing on fabric efficiency and fabric utilization. Realizing that most garments waste on average 15-20%, and in her personal experience, sometimes 30%, Amy was inspired to create a collection of garments that create as little waste as possible. Executed through reverse engineering, this collection employs the use of various shapes, selvages and innovative thinking in an attempt to utilize as close to 100% of fabric as possible, without compromising style and feminine silhouettes.