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Dominic Celemen

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Dominic Celemen


Dominic Celemen


Cary, North Carolina

Collection Name


Describe the concept behind your collection

Workworn is a collection that explores the concepts of imperfection and healing through the lens of men’s workwear. Century-old American workwear has inspired some of the most functional silhouettes  in history and I wanted to revisit that. I was specifically fascinated by clothes with distinct signs of wear that were unique to each wearer – it told a story. From the back pocket wallet imprint on a pair of old miner jeans to the heavily sun-faded trousers of a railroad worker, the clothes were a reflection of them. Faded, frayed, and worn-in fabrics were replicated through constant experimentation in the dye and laser lab. Taking inspiration from historical textile repair techniques, the collection utilizes visible mending to repair and contrast the heavily damaged fabric. Repair over repair, the garment displays a history of its heavy use by the wearer. The imperfection in the garments and fabrics are emphasized rather than hidden, which speaks to the way we perceive our own imperfection in a modern world.