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Devayani H Taywade Patil

Devayani Taywade Patil
Devayani Taywade Patil

Designer: Devayani H Taywade Patil

Hometown: Maharashtra, India


Collection Title: BIOLUMINessence


Devayani is a senior at NC State majoring in Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration in Product Development. Born and raised in India, she grew up surrounded by exquisite fabrics and textiles unique to India which along with encouraged her to pursue a degree in Textiles in the United States. She believes that apparel and art go hand in hand and are an integral part of creating not just a garment but a creating a lifestyle. Devayani likes to experiment with textures, structures, materials and believes that one can draw inspiration from anything and everything, the possibilities are unbounded.

Collection Description:

Devayani’s collection BIOLUMINessence is a collection inspired by the natural phenomenon of Bioluminescence occurring in the waves of the ocean. She wants to create pieces that touch the idea of inculcating this phenomenon into the garments and add ‘essence’ to them by experimenting with various fabric textures and shapes. The garments consist of simple structures further elevated by creating wave like illusions and fabric arrangements on them. Most of her work is hand made, and includes various techniques like ruffling, ruching, beading, and pleating. She wants to challenge herself with this collection which is like an ode to keep on going in life, just like the waves do in the ocean