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Claudia Floyd

Claudia Floyd

Designer: Claudia Blair Floyd

Hometown: Riegelwood, NC


Collection Title: Garden of Eve


Claudia Blair Floyd is a senior in NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles, majoring in Fashion and Textile Management, with a concentration in Product Development. Upon entering NC State, she had no experience in sewing and design. After learning about Threads, she knew it was something she wanted to participate in her senior year. Claudia’s dream is to incorporate her passion for fashion with her belief in opportunity for all women and change the world one person at a time. She believes that every woman deserves a chance to follow her dreams and do what she loves. After almost four years, this belief, along with her drive and awareness, has only deepened!

Collection Description:

Garden of Eve is a collection that represents qualities women possess. Similar to flowers in a garden, women all over the world have their own remarkable traits that make us all different (color, shape, etc.). Each garment, that resembles a specific flower, embodies at least one unique characteristic and illustrates the diversity of our world today. Much like flowers in a garden, women in the world grow together. Through this collection, my goal is to show how while we are all different, it is possible to unite and uplift one another, rather than let our differences deter us from reaching success, together.
Growing up in a Christian home, I have heard the story of The Garden of Eden many, many times. I decided to use Garden of Eve instead, changing Eden to Eve, to literally represent all women. I chose to use flowers as a form of symbolism, and it so happens that flowers grow in a garden! I believe each and every woman is perfect in her own, unique way and that she will not be complete until she understands this. Beauty is not defined by one look or aesthetic. Real beauty rests within the soul. When a woman is able to embrace her uniqueness and show the world exactly who she is without hesitation or validation, that is true expression.