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Teaching With Technology in Fall 2021

Teaching Online

Welcome back, instructors! As we get set to kick off a new semester, TCTS is here to help with online and hybrid courses and labs so we can get everything up and running as smoothly as possible.

Moodle – Getting a Website For Your Class

If you haven’t already requested a Moodle site for you class, you can do so right now by heading to WolfWare and following the instructions in this article. During the process, you can use the Course Copier to automatically copy the content from a previous semester or another course so you don’t have to start from scratch.

If you’re new to using Moodle, or if you want a refresher heading into the new semester, we recommend the Teaching with Moodle self-paced course to bring you up to speed.

Panopto – Lecture Video Recording

All our classrooms are recorded this semester using the new Panopto software, which you can also use to record from your own computer anywhere you are. If you used Mediasite previously, Panopto works very similarly, with the added features of automatric transcription for captioning. Just like before, if you have any questions about or run into any trouble using Panopto, contact TCTS, we’d be happy to assist.

Zoom – Live Virtual Class Sessions

For real-time class sessions online, Zoom is our go-to solution – there’s a comprehensive getting-started guide for new and returning users, as well as our recommendations on settings that help ensure you keep control of your online class session.

Remote Access to Lab Software

For software students won’t be able to install at home, we’ve set up the Remote Access Dashboard for secure, remote access to lab machines with all the applications they need for their courses. The software allows access to computers in 4415 and 3412C both during class times and after hours.

Need Further Assistance?

If you need help getting ready for the new semester or encounter any issues during the semester, TCTS is happy to assist – our online help portal will help get you in touch with the right support person for your needs as quickly as possible.

Also remember that your students have a support line, too! If they run into any technical issues around accessing your online course materials, joining your Zoom session or viewing your Mediasite recordings, direct them to the LearnTech help desk at for help.

Have a great semester!