Livestreaming from Your Desktop with Panopto

While several of our classrooms are set up to record and livestream automatically with Panopto, you also have the power to stream and record from any computer with the Panopto application and a steady internet connection.

Zoom remains the better option for heavily interactive sessions, but for presentations where that level of interaction isn’t desired, you can also host a hybrid session that will be streamed and recorded in Panopto directly. This guide will walk you through how to do just that.

Install the Panopto Desktop Recorder

If you don’t already see an icon for the Panopto Desktop Recorder on your computer, the first step is to install it. If you’re working from a computer managed by TCTS, go to the Start menu in the bottom left corner of your screen and search for the “Software Center”

The Windows Start menu, expanded, with the search term "software center" typed in and the Software Center app selected

From there, click on the Panopto Desktop Recorder and click the blue button to Install. Once the application is installed, you’re ready to get started.

Starting a Livestream

By default, hitting the Record button in the Panopto Desktop Recorder will do just that – record your session for viewing later. If you also want to broadcast your session in real time so that remote viewers can watch as it happens, first check the box marked Webcast in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

The Panopto Desktop Recorder interface

Before you begin your recording, locate the Webcast Link field that just appeared at the bottom of the window. Just above it, you’ll also see a block for Discussion Posts from Viewers – this is where any questions from your remote viewers will be displayed.

A close-up of the Panopto Desktop Recorder interface with the new Webcast options highlighted

Please note that Panopto livestreaming is on a roughly 30-second delay, so questions may refer to something that happened half a minute ago rather than what you just said. Don’t be afraid to ask viewers to clarify if you’re not sure what their questions are referencing, as even this slight timing difference can create confusion.

When you’re ready to begin, enter a Name for your recording at the top and ensure it’s in a Folder your viewers will have access to (for instance, your class recordings folder).

Click Record to start the recording and the livestream, and send the Webcast Link at the bottom of the window to your remote participants.

You’re all set! If you run into any problems while recording or livestreaming with Panopto, please don’t hesitate to contact TCTS for assistance.