How to Trim/Edit Your Panopto Recordings

With no way presently to pause or stop recordings from the touch panels in the classroom, many instructors will need to trim the start, middle or end of their recorded lectures. The steps below will guide you through the process any time you need to edit your Panopto recordings.

For a short video guide of these steps, view the Panopto video editing tutorial (2:12)

Begin by heading to and click the red link to Log in to Panopto.

Panopto login screen

Once logged in, you’ll need to find the video you wish to edit. Either use the Search bar at the top of the page, or click the Browse option on the left-hand navigation pane to pull up the list of content.

Panopto navigation, highlighting the Search bar, the Browse feature and the Classroom Capture folder under browsing

Click on Classroom Capture for classroom recordings, or My Folder for recordings you made from your computer.

Once you’re in the correct folder, hover your mouse pointer over the video you want to trim, and click the Edit button that appears.

A list of videos in Panopto with the Edit button highlighted

The video editor will open in its own window. You should see the video preview along with any content capture displayed. Along the bottom of the window will be the video timeline, which we’ll use to select whichever section(s) you wish to trim from the finished recording.

The video editor interface for Panopto

You can click the play button below the content capture to watch and listen to the recording to ensure you are trimming in the right place. The red line indicator in the timeline below will show you where you are in the video at any time during playback.

To make an edit, click and drag a portion of the timeline to select it. You should see it turn a dark grey to indicate selection. You can click-and-drag either the start or stop point of your selection to line it up with exactly where you want to trip. There is a zoom feature on the right, just above the timeline if you need to more carefully place your start and stop points.

A close-up of a selected section of a recording's timeline in the editor window

Once you are satisfied with your selection, click the red scissor-shaped icon above the timeline, on the left, to trim out that section of the recording.

The red, scissor-shaped icon for cutting a section of the recording

You may perform multiple cuts, and should see them all remain highlighted as you may any further selections. Once you have may all your edits, find the red Apply button at the very top of the editor window to save your changes. Panopto will notify you that the edit will take some time to process, but the link will remain the same, so if you’ve already shared your video or the class recording folder it’s in, you’re all set! The edited video will post to the same location, so there’s nothing further you need to update.

If you have questions or encounter any problems using Panopto’s video editor, contact TCTS for assistance, we’d be happy to help!