Current TAGS Officers

Each spring students are elected to the officer positions. These officers organize events and act as representatives between the graduate student body and administrators, professors, and other organizations of interest.

President: Imon Khan, Ph.D. in Fiber and Polymer Science
Vice-President: Wade Ingram, Fiber and Polymer Science Ph.D student
Secretary: Elnaz Shabani, Ph.D. student in Fiber and Polymer Science
Treasurer: Zahra Ashrafi, Ph.D. student in Fiber and Polymer Science
Public Relations: Madilynn McCollum, Ph.D.
Event Co-ordinator: Alireza Garmabi, Ph.D.

All the graduate students at College of Textiles are automatically considered to be a part of TAGS. Events organized every year are:

  • Month-end meetings (last Wednesday of every month)
  • A pot-luck lunch and a picnic
  • Multicultural Spring Festival – Faculty-Student Interaction
  • End-of-the-year celebration (Cookout)
  • New student welcome event
  • Fall hiking trip

TAGS is backed by the much appreciated guidance of Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nancy Cassill, Associate Dean for Academic Programs

TAGS is the College of Textiles’ chapter of the NC State GSA.  A representative from TAGS sits on the GSA council and represents the interests and concerns of the students to the university.

TAGS is also represented in the Tompkins Textile Student Council, the student government of the College of Textiles.

See our calendar for a list of events.