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Some of the most important learning you’ll do at the Wilson College of Textiles will be outside of the classroom. We encourage all students to explore the more than 300 clubs and organizations that are part of NC State, particularly those related to textiles – they will enhance your learning, provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and make valuable professional contacts, and help you discover who you can be. And, hey, they’re a lot of fun!

African-American Textile Society (AATS)

President: Deja Herrell

Advisor: Jaquan Scott

The purpose of the African American Textile Society (AATS) is to provide all students enrolled in the Wilson College of Textiles and outside programs a network of social, and professional opportunities that will enhance their overall college experience, as well as their professional career opportunities. Please contact the President, Jourdan Byfield, for information on club meetings.

AATCC logoAmerican Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (A2TC2)

President: Molly Pruett

Advisor: Dr. Bryan Ormond

NC State Student Chapter of the worldwide organization, American Association of Textiles Chemists and Colorist (AATCC), that works to serve textile professionals. The student chapter provides education and resources to students about test development quality control materials, and professional networking. These are also opportunities in contests and to win scholarships. All students, both in TECS and TATM, are invited to join.

Fashion Group (FG)

President: Gaelyn MacGregor & Abi Smith

Advisor: Dr. Minyoung Suh

Fashion Group is a student student organization developed to encourage the talents, interests, and needs of students interested in any aspect of the fashion industry. The aim of the group is to provide members with experience and opportunities, while also contributing to the campus of NC State University and beyond through activities that benefit the community and/or a reputable charity. Membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students with a major/minor within the Wilson College of Textiles who have a desire to gain fashion related experience and future opportunities through exploring the fashion industry.

Greater Good Textile Group (GGTG)

President: Claire Henson

Advisor: Dr. Andre West

Greater Good Textile Group consists of student advocates for textile ethics. Through projects and events that focus on sustainability, laborer rights, and community services, GGTG supports student who want to have a positive and lasting impact in the textile industry.

Kappa Tau Beta (KTB)

President: Jakub Sciora

Advisor: Meggie Metcalf

Kappa Tau Beta is the organization that recognizes outstanding  leadership among undergraduates within the Wilson College of Textiles. Students are selected based upon leadership, service and character through a pledge process that takes place every spring semester. The goal of the organization is not only to recognize leadership, but to further develop leadership skills in it’s members through a variety of professional and social activities. The organization also participates in community service events and co-sponsors the annual Textile Leader of the Year Banquet, which recognizes an individual associated with the Textile industry for leader qualities. To be selected, a student must be nominated by a Wilson College of Textiles faculty member or faculty member, or they must self-nominate during the nomination period in the spring semester.

Phi Psi (PFP)

President: Sajaana Bhakta

Advisor: Dr. Ericka Ford

Phi Psi is the only national professional textile fraternity in the United States with five active chapters nationwide. NC State’s chapter, Eta, is the largest of these five active chapters. The organizations exists to promote high standards of textile work among it’s members, to help textile students network within the college and industry and to bring textile students from all five majors together for both professional and social events and activities. The organization also participates in community service events and co-sponsors the annual Textiles Leader of the Year Banquet, which recognizes an individual associated with the Textile industry for leader qualities. Phi Psi accepts new members each semester through a comprehensive pledging process. Any Textiles student, with a GPA of 2.5 or greater, enrolled full-time who completes the pledge process is eligible to become a member.

Student Ambassadors Program

Coordinator: Jaquan Scott

Wilson College of Textiles Ambassadors are motivated students that serve as a liaison between Textiles and the community: prospective students, parents, distinguished guests, alumni, and NC State University as a whole. Textiles Ambassadors aim to create a strong sense of community within the College. They represent the College throughout the University during events, such as: Open House, Wilson College of Textiles Career Fair, Shackathon and University College: Exploratory Studies Majors Fair.

Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management (TATM) Student Advisory Board (SAB)

President: Casey Quinn

Advisor: Jeff Sackaroff

As Ambassadors, the Student Advisory Board serves as hosts for TATM events and liaisons for the Industry Advisory Board.  The SAB will participate in the promote the department activities to other TATM students including career fairs, conferences, guest speaker series, and showcase events.

Textile Association of Graduate Students (TAGS)

President: Rachel Raineri

Advisor: Dr. Pamela McCauley

Textile Association of Graduate Students is an organization which brings together the Wilson College of Textiles graduate students in one place and builds a sense of community and communication.  TAGS is a platform which encourages students to share their knowledge, help each other through networking and socializing.  Throughout the year, TAGS organizes many events and activities which provides a chance for interaction between students from different fields in a more information and relaxed environment.  The overall goal for TAGS is to inculcate a feeling of togetherness and support among graduate students which translates into a more loyal group of alumni and better opportunity for future students.

Textile Engineering Society (TES)

President: Max Ring

Advisor: Dr. Philip Bradford

The goal of Textile Engineering Society is to build a network of motivated textile engineering students, faculty, and alumni. TES will enrich the college learning experience through career exploration, field trips, and guest speakers. It is also our hope that the character of each member is strengthened through service and fundraising activities. TES will provide you with a learning experience the classroom cannot provide.

Tompkins Textile Student Council (TTSC)

President: Augusta Schmitz

Advisor:  Delisha Hinton

The Tompkins Textile Student Council is the main governing body over all Textile student organizations. TTSC plans and/or promotes student-related activities and events within the College, such as the career fair, new student cookouts, blood drives and an annual t-shirt design contest. TTSC members also serve on many of the standing committees within the College. Meetings will be held about every other Tuesday evening from 5:30-6:00 p.m. Come to a meeting and find out what’s going on in Textiles. The council consists of class representatives, club representatives, elected officers and advisory board members. All Textiles students are invited and welcome to attend meetings.

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Fall 2021 Student Organization Meeting Schedule

Student OrganizationUpcoming Meeting(s)LocationContact Information
American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC)TBDTBDMolly Pruett –
African American Textile Society (AATS)September 2 at 6:30 p.m.; future meetings are biweekly on ThursdayTBDDeja Herelle –
Fashion Group (FG)First meeting date TBDTBDGaelyn MacGregor –
Abi Smith –
Greater Good Textile Group (GGTG)August 19 at 6:30 p.m.; future meetings are biweekly on ThursdayTBDClaire Henson –
Phi PsiAugust 24 at 7 p.m.; future meetings are biweekly on TuesdayTBDSajaana Bhakta –
Platform MagazineSeptember 15 at 7 p.m.; future meetings are biweekly on WednesdayTBdMorgan Snow –
Textile Engineering Society (TES)TBDTBDTES –
Tompkins Textile Student Council (TTSC)TBDTBDAugusta Schmitz –