Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker #1 –  Philip Henson from HanesBrands Inc
Title of Presentation: What are you thinking about? HanesBrands Lifecycle Approach to Textiles

Bio: Philip Henson leads the company’s energy and environmental sustainability program on a global level. In his 29 years with the organization, he has helped improve company energy performance, garnering US EPA ENERGY STAR award recognition (for the past 11 years). Henson earned his Industrial Engineering degree from Texas Tech University and a Master of Arts degree in Sustainability from Wake Forest University.

Keynote Speaker #2 – Mr. Jeff Stull from International Personal Protection
Title of Presentation: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Addressing Improvements in Personal Protective Equipment

Short Abstract: Jeff Stull will provide an overview for how PPE reliance on textiles has changed over the past 30 years and how new circumstances have created a large number of specific protection needs and issues that warrant further innovation in material offerings, product designs, testing technologies, and demonstration of performance. The presentation will highlight recent events that include redefining filtration effectiveness in light of COVID-19, escalating demands for transitioning material finish technology away from existing durable water repellent finishes, increased awareness for product contamination reduction, creation of new barrier and thermal protection effectiveness measurement approaches, and conflicts in regulatory requirements.

Bio: Jeffrey O. Stull is President of International Personnel Protection, Inc. which provides expertise, testing, and research services on the design, evaluation, selection and use of personal protective clothing and equipment and related products to end users and manufacturers. Mr. Stull’s background and experience in this industry spans most areas involving personal protective equipment, including chemical protection, biological protection, thermal protection, and physical protection, and further includes industry issues related to ergonomics and the impact of clothing and equipment on individuals.  He has conducted numerous studies for effectiveness and performance of protective clothing and equipment. He is considered one of the leading experts in the field of personal protective equipment. Mr. Stull is extremely active in the area of standards development for personal protective equipment.  He was previously Chairman for the ASTM International F23 Committee on Protective Clothing and also participates as a member of several National Fire Protection Association committees related to emergency services and industrial protective clothing and equipment, including the Technical Correlating Committee on Fire and Emergency Services Protective Clothing and Equipment. He formerly was the was the lead U.S. delegate for International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee 94/Subcommittee 13 on Protective Clothing and Subcommittee 14 on Firefighter PPE as well as the convenor for Working Group 2 on Heat and Thermal Protection and Working Group 4 on Hazardous Material Protective Clothing. Mr. Stull obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and Master of Science Degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and in Engineering Management from the Catholic University of America.  He has written over 250 articles, chapters, and guides in the area of protective clothing, including several dozen peer review papers and publications.  He authored the book, “PPE Made Easy” (Government Institutes) and has prepared several other chapters and publications related to protective clothing and equipment, including “Fibers and Textiles” in the NFPA Fire Protection Handbook.