Nate Weiner


Originally from Rochester, NY where I graduated from high school in 2011. I completed my undergraduate degrees in Textile and Biomedical Engineering from NC State in 2016. I spent several summers interning with different companies including Freudenberg Nonwovens, Eastman Chemical, and Nike. Outside of research I like to stay active playing on the club tennis team or going to the gym. I hope to work in materials development on athletic/outdoor products or wearable technology.

Research Interests: 

Smart textiles, wearables, thermal comfort of textiles, thermoelectrics, printed sensors.

Current Research: 

My current research is to study thermoelectric cooling (or Peltier cooling) and its potential in thermal comfort applications. Our goal is to develop a novel flexible thermoelectric technology using standard polymer/textile materials along with innovative conductive printing or patterning techniques. Background research on state of the art technology in active cooling and thermal comfort/management will be conducted to develop a use case scenario for this advanced technology.


B.S. in Textile Engineering from NC State University ‘16

B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from NC State University ‘16

M.S. in Textile Engineering from NC State University (current)