I currently hold a joint position with the NEXT lab and the ASSIST Center as a research associate/lab manager.  I’m also currently working on completing a master’s degree in Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering, also at NCSU.  Before this position, I managed the Makerspace within the D.H. Hill Library at NCSU, where I helped to teach skills and equipment related to 3D printing, CNC milling, laser machining, and electronics prototyping to users from across campus working on research, academic, and personal projects.  Before coming to NCSU, I recieved my undergraduate degree at UNC-Chapel Hill.  I majored in Philosophy, with a concentration in philosophy of mind and metaphysics/epistemology, and in Studio Art, where I worked in painting, sculpture, and digital rendering.  While at UNC, I also contributed to the establishment of a student makerspace on that campus as well.  During my time at here at State, I’ve gained a great interest in microfabrication (integrated circuits and MEMS) and other cleanroom-related work.  Ultimately, I hope to puruse a Ph.D. in the area of microfabrication applications for neural interface engineering and brain research.

Research Interests:

Wearable and implantable electronic systems, neuroengineering and brain-computer interfaces, bioelectronics, micro/nano-fabrication processes, additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping technology

Current Research:

Most of the research projects I’m currently involved in are centered around two main topic areas:
  • Development and characterization of thermoelectric generators (“TEGs”) designed specifically for integration into garments to allow for self-powering of other wearables using harvested human body heat, fabrication of high-performance custom TEGs and thermoelecric materials for use in these devices, and the creation of support electronics for related research efforts
  • Development of on-body, garment-integrated, ultra-low power sensing platforms for monitoring biosignals such as ECG, EEG, and EMG, as well as health-impacting environmental conditions such as ozone, volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”), ambient temperature and humidity, and others.


B.A./B.F.A. with honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Philosophy and Studio Art
(In-progress) M.R. from North Carolina State University in Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering