Jack Jansen

I grew up in Chapel Hill, NC and I did not fly too far from the nest as I am now a senior at UNC Chapel Hill in the NCSU-UNC Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. Currently, I am gaining valuable research experience in the NEXT lab working on thermoelectric power generation and thermoelectric cooling projects.

Growing up in North Carolina with nearby family members who are Duke, UNC and NC State alumni, the importance of the Tobacco Road basketball tradition was instilled in me from a young age. Basketball continues to be one of my passions outside of research; I am a member of the UNC men’s club basketball team and volunteer with the women’s varsity basketball team as a practice player. Another passion of mine are the outdoors, as I have bicycled across the country, visited 14 national parks, and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Spending countless hours hiking, biking, climbing, and river rafting outdoors have led me to develop a profound respect for the environment. When I am not playing sports or spending time outdoors I enjoy reading books, playing Fortnite, watching sports, and seeing live music.

While playing sports for school teams throughout middle school and high school I suffered a litany of joint dislocations and subluxations. These painful experiences have led me to become personally motivated and invested in working on wearable sensor technology applications for sports related injury prevention and rehabilitation. I am planning on getting a master’s degree focusing on wearable sensor technology for these applications, however I am still figuring out if I want to gain work experience in the private sector before going back to school.

Research Interests

Printable electronics, wearable electronics, biomechanical and thermal power generation, biomechanics, piezo-electrics, meta materials

Current Research

My current research involves adapting meta-material heat concentrating patterns into flexible forms that can be mounted onto a textile base to optimize the thermal gradient across thermoelectric generators that produce power from human body heat. In addition to this I am assisting in fabricating flexible foam based thermo electric cooling devices.


B.S. in Biomedical Health Sciences Engineering (May 2019)