Hasan Shahariar


I am originally from Bangladesh, where I completed my BS in Textile Engineering from Bangladesh University of Textiles, Bangladesh on 2011.  I then worked as an R&D researcher in a composite textile manufacturing plant in Bangladesh and was also a lecturer of Textile Engineering at Southeast University in 2012.  I then came to the US to get a  MS degree in Textile Engineering with a polymer engineering concentration from NC State in 2014.  I am currently a PhD candidate at NC State with a major in Fiber and Polymer Science and minor in Electrical Engineering,  working as a research assistant for NEXT research group.  I have had two internships  during my graduate study.  First, was an internship at International Thermodyne, where I worked for the development of organic thermoelectric and piezoelectric devices. I had also worked as in intern from Mann+Hummel, USA and developed sensor systems  to wirelessly monitor the heath of an air filter. In my free time, I love to travel and play soccer.

Research Interest:

My research interests are in soft materials science, printed electronics, surface modification and textile based electronics devices.

Current Research:

Currently, I am working on multiple research projects. I am developing functional materials such as conductive ink, dielectric ink and functional coating for printing applications. I study the rheological properties of the colloidal fluids (inks) to optimize and increase the throughput of digital and direct write printing process. Apart from that, my research is heavily involved in modeling and fabricating microwave devices such as waveguide lines, antennas, chipless RFID tag on textiles to build passive wireless sensors. My goal is to identify and optimize the material’s properties and processing parameters respectively to fabricate high performing and low cost wearable textile electronics.

Current Research:

PhD Candidate in Fiber and Polymer Science; minor (Electrical Engineering); NC State University

MS in Textile Engineering; NC State University

BS in Textile Engineering; Bangladesh University of Textiles