Furkan Kose

I am a high school senior and dual-enrolled at Wake Tech CC, expecting to complete my Associate’s in Science Degree by May 2018. Since summer 2016, my research at the NCSU COT has centered around optimizing printable circuit boards for wearable electronic applications through mechanical testing. I have been part of the FRC 900 Robotics Team for the last 3 years and have served as a Mechanical Lead/Drive team member during which time our robot won the NC District Championship out of 60 teams. Besides my engineering interests, I enjoy playing basketball.

Research Interests

Wearable electronics, piezoelectricity, clean harvesting energy, smart-clothes, printable electronics, robotics

Current Research

My current research involves the optimization of printable circuit boards (PCB) with wearable applications. Specifically, the optimization of the multi-layer structure is done through mechanical strain testing. The performance of said PCB’s is measured via electrical resistance mitigation and conductive ink durability. These designs will then be implemented into an ECG health-monitoring shirt can can be used for several other applications including sensors, and energy harvesters.