Allison Bowles

I am a product developer at North Carolina State University College of Textiles exploring wearable technology and e-textiles. I’ve had a great range of professional identities in the textile industry including costume designer, hosiery product developer, visual merchandiser, brand manager, wearable technology researcher and entrepreneur which have all taught me little nuggets of wisdom that make up my unique and multidisciplinary expertise

I returned to NC State for a MS in Textile and Apparel Product Development to focus on environmental and social sustainability and re-imagine the future of the textile industry. From there I joined the NEXT (Nano-Extended Textiles) research group and ASSIST (Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies) where I lead projects ranging from an infant onesie that monitors ECG, shirts that harvest energy from breathing, and socks that can measure biometrics. I am passionate about being a leader at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Research Interests:

I am interested in developing wearable technology and e-textile products for commercialization.

Current Research:

Most of the projects that I am working on right now are focused on designing and testing bio-monitoring garments as a system.  I look at how the design of the garment, (like silhouette, fit, construction, fabric) effects the performance of the technology on the body.  I run human trials with our smart garments to evaluate the technology under different conditions and find ways to improve the performance of the technology through garment design.


B.S. from North Carolina State University in Textile and Apparel Technology Management

M.S. from North Carolina State University in Textiles¬† “Size Grading of Zero-Waste Garments”