Crochet Knitting of Advanced Monofilaments

Crochet knitting is a narrow width warp knit technology used to make rigid and elastic textiles like elastic and non-elastic trims, braiding, nets, and laces. Common applications are the elastic trim around a waistband or lower edging of a sports bra, but is also commonly used in medical textiles for bandages and surgical meshes. Crochet knitting allows rigid yarn or cables, like fiber optic fibers, to be continuously inlaid into the warp, which means that it is not necessary for the rigid yarn to bend form loops. It is advantageous to inlay fiber optic–style fibers rather than knit them because bending could break the glass in the fiber and damage the functionality of the structure. The College of Textiles at NC State has two Comez Acotronic 400T crochet knitting machines that will be used for this project. The fundamental challenge that our team will explore is related to the surface exposure and embedded placement of devices along the length of the crochet knit structure.