Senior Design Capstone in Textile Engineering & Textile Technology

TE/TT 401 & 402
The capstone senior engineer & technology design course provides student teams with the opportunity to creatively synthesize a solution for problems outside the classroom. They work on teams, study commercialization processes, utilize project management tools, think globally, determine intellectual property and apply patent mapping principles.   We cooperate with local industries and campus research units to obtain real-life design projects for the students to analyze, understand the “State of Technology”, and deliver a working prototype to address the technical challenge.

For more information on the class please see the course website: TE/TT 401 & 402

This course is co-directed with Dr. Russell Gorga

Electronic Textiles: Concepts, Materials, and System Design

TE 589
For electronics integration, textiles are considered an unconventional substrate and a potentially disruptive technology space within wearable electronics. The objective of this course is to survey conventional and unorthodox concepts in e-textiles (communication, color changing, sensing, user interfaces, etc). Students examine materials methods to impart electronic character on textiles, including new nanotechnology methods. Finally, students explore fundamental principles in e-textile system design (physical and electrical considerations). Through this course, students design and fabricate their own novel e-textile concept.

Smart Textiles Immersive Textile Electronics Workshop

Textile Electronics is rapidly evolving within the textile industry. Participants will be introduced to the e-textiles market and learn textile electronic applications, integration strategies, materials, systems design, and testing methods. The course includes two days of hands-on immersion in the NEXT research labs and the ZTE labs in the Wilson College of Textiles that concludes with assembling working textile electronic demos. As a participant, you will get experience in both the cutting edge electronic design and garment manufacturing. The course is limited to 10 participants.

For more information on the class please see the course website

This course is co-directed with Dr. Amanda Myers