Nano-EXtended Textiles (NEXT) Research Group

Group Overview

The Nano-EXtended Textiles (NEXT) research group develops innovative methods impart new electronic and electro-optical modifications characteristics to polymer films, fibers, and fabrics. We are inspired by a system-level research strategies that relate textiles and electronics to realize current and future opportunities in wearable and flexible technologies. Two themes define the NEXT research group:

  • Textile-inspired electronic devices. This research focuses on close-to-market strategies for textile electronic system design and low-cost/high-function materials integration. This includes the study of materials from parallel supply chains (such as printed electronics) in order to understand opportunities for novel electronic textiles. To accomplish this, we develops full system demonstration platforms to study the impact of the textile on the device and vice versa.  This has included system level designs of human energy harvesting and physiological sensing.
  • Nanomaterial modifications polymers. This research focuses on future materials and process development through fundamental investigations of nanomaterials application to fibrous and planar polymer substrates via vapor phase processing, such as atomic layer deposition and sequential vapor infiltration. Through these processes we investigate the changes to the thermal, electrical, and optical behavior of the polymer.

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