NC State of Denim” informational meeting

Hello COT,

Just a friendly reminder of the “NC State of Denim” informational meeting today at 6pm in the College of Textiles room 2207.

The “NC State of Denim” Design Challenge (sponsored by Cotton, Inc.) is being presented to encourage students to think of new ways to incorporate denim into design and development work. This competition will create a stronger appreciation for cotton, and broaden the use of denim further than its common presence in jeans and jeans-related products.

Guest speakers as well as “hands-on” workshops will be scheduled as opportunities for students to learn about the many facets of denim. Some of the topics to be covered include:

Trends in denim

Sustainability & up-cycling

Trends in cotton

Distressing denim


Branding and marketing

There will also be field trips where students can visit production facilities to learn how cotton is manufactured and transformed into products.

The State of Denim project will culminate in an end-of-semester Fashion Show, to be held December 4th.

For more information on all these events, please come to our Informational Project Kick-Off Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday January 20th, in Room 2207, at 6 pm. Get signed up to receive information and visit our project website at:
Dr. Istook, Dr. Annett-Hitchcock & Dr. West