Graduate Students

Tova Williams

Ph.D., Fiber and Polymer Science, Dec. 2017 (expected)
B.S., Polymer and Color Chemistry, May 2014
Co-Advisor: Harold Freeman
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Project(s): Molecular Design of Sustainable Hair Dye Precursors

    Radhika Vaid

    Ph.D., Fiber and Polymer Science, May 2018 (expected)
    M.Tech., Fiber Science & Technology, IIT-Dehli 2012
    Co-Advisor: Martin King
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    Project(s): Polymer Degradation

      Mohammad Tuhin

      Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, May 2018 (expected)
      M.S., Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, May 2012
      Co-Advisor: Rich Spontak
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      Project(s): Shape Memory Polymer Fibers

      Imon Khan



      Gone but not forgotten! Link to List of Former Graduate Students