Scope and Themes


The MedTex17 USA Conference will bring together international specialists from universities, industry, hospitals, research institutes and government to exchange knowledge and experiences so as to increase our understanding about the latest advances in polymers, fibers and textiles used in healthcare and medical applications. This will lead to increased international interdisciplinary co-operation between researchers, engineers, materials scientists, biologists and clinicians for the advancement of the design, fabrication, delivery, performance and clinical use of medical textile products throughout the world.


Abstracts are solicited describing innovative work on any topic related to the application of textiles to healthcare and medicine. However, the program will be built around the following themes which are of particular interest.

  1. Surface modification and characterization of medical textiles
  2. Intelligent and sensing materials for medical use
  3. Biopolymers, novel fibers and textile structures used in medical applications
  4. Computer simulations for predicting life expectancy of medical devices
  5. Tissue engineering scaffolds
  6. Fiber-based implantable devices
  7. Materials for wound care, bandages and pressure garments
  8. Materials for personal protection, infection control and drug delivery
  9. Current regulatory environment and standards for medical devices
  10. Logistics and global trade in the medical textiles market