Master Black Belt Certification

Course Overview

Expand your Lean Six Sigma knowledge and become a master change agent in your industry by obtaining your Master Black Belt Certification. Master Black Belts are change agents who lead Lean Six Sigma projects at an enterprise level. Their efforts include deployment, training, coaching, mentoring, and providing technical support to Green Belts and Black Belts. In addition to helping, you master advanced Lean Six Sigma and leadership skills, our innovative approach explores how Lean Six Sigma intersects with other initiatives such as Design Thinking, Big Data Analytics, and Systems Thinking. Who should apply for Master Black Belt certification?

After you register and upload your documents, an MBB coordinator will contact you via email to review your information and to help you select courses. MBB certification requires the successful completion of 4 courses.

  • Advanced Applied Statistics and Voice of the Customer
  • Advanced Lean and Design of Experiments
  • Advanced Process Control and Len Six Sigma Deployment
  • Reliability Analysis and Design for Six Sigma


You must have received a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification prior to enrolling in the Master Black Belt course.

Software Requirements

This course requires that you have access to JMP™ statistical analysis software and a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel™ or Google Sheets™. Software is not included in the registration fee for this class, and we no longer sell software licenses. Please be sure the laptop you bring to class is equipped with this software.


This course takes place over 16 days of training. These 16 days are divided into four weeks, with two of the eight topics being covered during each of the weekly sessions.


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