Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Course Overview

The Black Belt course will build upon the knowledge developed in the Green Belt course with an emphasis on providing the participant with the skills necessary to lead large complex improvement efforts. Black Belt Certification requires that you complete the course of training and then complete a Lean Six Sigma project within your organization. This course covers the following topics: 

Week One BB Course Topics

  • Green Belt Review
  • Leading Six Sigma Teams
  • Central Limit Theory
  • Advanced MSA
  • Multiple Regression
  • N-Way ANOVA
  • Logistic Regression
  • DOE Planning
  • Randomized Block Designs
  • Full Factorials
  • Week 1 – Wrap up 

Week 2 BB Course Topics

  • Week 3 Review
  • Review Full Factorials
  • Fractional Factorials
  • Sample Size
  • Project Reviews
  • Response Surface Methods
  • Multiple Responses
  • Change Management
  • Advanced Statistical Process Control Charts
  • Control Methods
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Presenting your Project
  • Wrap-Up


The successful completion of the Green Belt course is a prerequisite for the Black Belt course. 

Software Requirements

This course requires that you have access to statistical software, such as JMP™ or Minitab™ for statistical analysis of data, and a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel™ or Google Sheets™. Software is not included in the registration fee for this class, and we no longer sell software licenses. Please be sure the laptop you bring to class is equipped with this software.


In-Person: The in-person course is provided over eight on-campus sessions These sessions are provided in four-day blocks divided by three weeks. Allowing the participant to complete the didactic portion of the program in approximately two calendar months.

Virtual: The virtual program is offered online over the course of 8 weeks, through weekly modules. Each module will allow you to test your knowledge through short quizzes, skills checks, and practical exercises.


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