About Our Lean Six Sigma Programs

Our programs providing education and certification in Lean Six Sigma was established in 2001 at the Wilson College of Textiles by then Dean, Dr. A. Blanton Godfrey. Prior to joining NC State, Dr. Godfrey served as Chairman and CEO of Juran Institute and Head of Quality Theory and Technology Development at AT&T Bell Labs. Since its inception, the program has been a source of educational training for over 5,000 professionals in various industries including manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, food processing, financial, insurance and others.  The success of their projects has resulted in excess of $600 million dollars in financial impact to their organizations as reported in their certification projects.

David B. Joyner, Sr. Business Process Consultant of BCBSNC, provided a statement about his experience with the Six Sigma Program: “I have been working with the NC State Six Sigma program a number of years beyond my Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina tenure. They have always consulted and worked with every company they partner with to assure the training meets the needs of all parties. The training content is spot on and is delivered in a manner that students understand and apply. It has been a pleasure to get to know and work with Jeff. I highly recommend utilizing NC State for your process improvement training needs.”

Our programs provide the attendees with a proven methodology to significantly reduce costs and increase productivity. We offer training and certification for all levels of Lean and Six Sigma through on-line, face to face public courses or through our customized training program. In addition, we can provide consulting in the areas of quality, process improvement, project management, mentorship, program development and deployment.

Our instructors are Master Black Belts with over 20 years of experience each.  We have hands-on experience in actual project applications across a variety of industries.  We are skilled facilitators and project leaders.  And we have experience in teaching how to use multiple softwares associated with Lean Six Sigma training.

New Training Offered – Design Thinking