Garry Atkinson

Garry PageGarry is a currently a student and design researcher in the Masters of Science in Textiles program at the NCSU College of Textiles.  With a Bachelors of Industrial Design and industry experience in footwear development and graphic design, his focus is finding sustainable solutions to aid the footwear industry.

He is also the founder and designer of a small line of apparel, Illusion Brand, currently offering graphic t-shirts.  Illusion Brand is focused on making a lasting social impact on world culture through spreading a message through quality-designed apparel.  Studying sustainability at the College of Textiles has allowed him to realize the potential to improve his design process by: using more sustainable products, producing less waste through paper products, and encouraging consumers to make sustainable choices.  He is currently in the process of making these improvements for future products.

Atkinson is experienced in 3D modeling and is excited to apply his skills  to finding solutions to making footwear design a more sustainable process.  He is always excited to find out more about new materials and technologies in footwear production and design.