Caroline Cockerham

Caroline PageCaroline Cockerham, a graduate student at the College of Textiles, is working to create a protocol or checklist for designers to follow so that they can make sound, knowledgeable, sustainable decisions in the initial stages of conception and design. With a Bachelors degree in Textile and Apparel Product Development from NC State and with experience in apparel design, Caroline understands the degree of  influence a designer can have on sustainable product lifecycles through their choices during development, from material selection to marker designs and beyond. Designers must be aware of the effects of their choices and should be empowered with the knowledge to create better, more sustainable products, essentially lessening the environmental impacts of clothing. Informed and intentional design, founded in sustainable ideals, will facilitate product innovation, create clothing which is appropriate for its life, reduce waste, and improve the overall sustainability of the textile and apparel value chain.

Caroline is sponsored by the National Textile Center and has worked on behalf of NTC and NC State University to create this website.

If you are interested in her research or have any further questions, please contact: