About Us

Graduate Student Research Team

Mallory McConnell
Caroline Cockerham
Garry Atkinson
Mor Aframian

The Graduate Research Team has collaborated to create IDesignEthically.com.  Spending many hours researching and discussing the topic of textile sustainability, the team meets regularly with important industry players and is working to create a mold for the sustainable future of textiles and apparel.  With different angles of expertise, each student has brought a new perspective into the debate, from metrics to design, footwear to social entrepreneurship. The team hopes to dynamically tackle the issue of textile and apparel sustainability and create a better future for the industry.

The team is thankful to their advisers, Dr. Trevor Little and Dr. Lisa Parrillo-Chapman, as well as the the National Textile Center for funding this project.

If you are interested in meeting with the team to discuss, share, and learn about sustainability, please contact: caroline.cockerham@gmail.com.