Textile Bookmark Calendar Tapes – 1960s

In 1961 and ensuing years, under the supervision of Professor Ernest (Ernie) Berry, calendars were woven with black, red and white yarns featuring the N.C. State colors and the wolf mascot.  Designs occasionally incorporated blue, gold, and a few other accent colors.  In the 1960s, polyester warp came into use.

For 1961 the NC State wolf reclines across the top of the calendar display with the year “NINETEEN SIXTY ONE” spelled out in red letters along each side of the calendar.  An outline map of North Carolina with the Bell Tower locating Raleigh was placed at the bottom.

The 1962 calendar featured the upper torso of the wolf wearing a peaked red beanie cap and red long sleeve sweater with “1962” in white letters across the chest.  Below the calendar, the rest of the wolf stands on his toes atop the word “TEXTILES” in white letters on a red background.

1963 Textiles Bookmark

In 1963, an empty boat shuttle holds a triangle with “TEX T ILES” in black letters following the form of the triangle.  Red lettering “1963” is across the bottom of the triangle.  Thirteen lines of increasing then decreasing length are attached to the bottom of the calendar box.  The letters N C and S are woven in white within red balls of yarn.

1964 Textiles Bookmark

The 1964 calendar features the NC State Bell Tower in the vertical middle of the calendar.  Across the top, a box contains “1964” in large black letters superimposed over the red outline of a cone of yarn.  Below that box is another box with “School of Textiles” in script letters.  At the bottom of the calendar is a series of stylized “S” capital letters in red.

1965 Textiles Bookmark

In 1965, the design featured the upper torso of a wolf with an open mouth and red tongue.  The two paws hold the date “1965” written out on a scroll.  In the center of the calendar is a vertical box containing block letters “N C S “ one atop the other.  Under the calendar are eight yarn cones with the letters “TE X T I LE S” spelled out, one per cone.

1966 Textiles Bookmark

In 1966, a new image of the NC State wolf appeared, this time sitting behind an antique spinning wheel, wearing a red and white cap and licking his chops as though he was getting ready to spin a trap to eat a Tarheel Ram or a Duke Blue Devil.

1967 Textiles Bookmark

The 1967 wolf sat upon a set of Roman stairs, which form the month-by-month calendar.  At the top, “TEXTILES” is spelled out in black capital letters.  The wolf holds aloft a red block with white letters which spell out “1967”.  Once again, his red tongue hangs out.  He is ready to eat.  He has had hard times this year.  A knee in his britches is patched with red.  A red patch pocket is sewn on the backside of the britches.  Below the calendar, red block letters with 3D isometric outlines spell out “N.C.S.U.”

Professors Sol Hersh and Paul Tucker found no 1968 calendars when they searched for a set of calendar tapes to donate to the Smithsonian Institute.  Later, Michael Hamby was also unsuccessful in locating a 1968 bookmark.

1969 Textiles Bookmark

A bold black shuttle dominates the surround for the 1969 bookmark calendar.  The upper nose contains a stylized “1969”.  The other end of the shuttle has the Greek letters for “Delta Kappa Phi”, the textile fraternity known affectionately as “D Kaps.”  Delta Kappa Phi, established in 1899, is the oldest textile fraternity in America.   The first chapter was established at Philadelphia Textiles (now Philadelphia University).   The Kappa Chapter was established at NC State in 1948. (1)

Upon the retirement of Professor Berry in 1969, designs for the increasingly popular tapes continued to be solicited from senior-level weaving and design students. Go to 1970s calendar bookmarks for the continuation of the story.


1.  Delta Kappa Phi, Wikipedia, http://www.deltakappaphifraternity.com accessed 2018.  Kappa chapter inactive since 2012.