Hosiery et al in Alamance County, cont.

Reid A. Maynard

1927 Grace Hosiery; 1928 Tower Hosiery

Burlington and County Boomed
Paved streets, electricity, water, fancy cars (more Buicks than…)

1950 – more than 54 hosiery mills – Hosiery Center of the South

Bill Leath – Full Knit Hosiery – Burlington
1955 stretch nylon yarn led to panty hose several claimed “invention”

1960s Burlington Industries – largest in the US and possibly the world
Cone dominated corduroy and denim

Now both merged into ITG


Thanks to Haw River Historical Association and Gail Knauff and Stan Mullis
Jerrie Nall and Kathy Barry for getting me started
Don Bolden, Editor Emeritus, Burlington Times­News ­ the list is endless!