Granite Falls, Haw River, NC

The Granite Falls region of the Haw was a prominent place from earliest times. When Ben Trollinger sold the mill to E. M. Holt in 1858, it contained 528 spindles. Holt sold the plant to his son, Thomas, in 1862. It contained 1,000 spindles and ran day and night throughout the war. It is said that ten days after the peace at Appomattox, Holt ordered bricks for a mill addition. He was reportedly the first man in the South to go north for new machinery. By 1871, looms for sheetings, plaids, and cheviots were running. Capacity was expanded to 13,000 spindles. Corduroy became important in later times.

A dam and power house to the left, a wooden bridge over the river to the right. The railroad bridge is out of the picture to the right. Raleigh News& Observer, 1895 Textile issue.

A 1949 photo taken by Ed McCauley of the Cone Mill at Haw River. This is the US 70 highway bridge.