Percival J. Wood

14th Olney Medalist 1957

Oriental Silk Printing Co. and Royce Chemical Co.
Percival J. Wood, Oriental Silk Printing Co., Paterson, N. J.; Royce Chemical Co.

Mr. Wood was born June 21, 1880 in Leeds, England and received his primary education at Leeds Boys’ Modern School and the University of Leeds.  He took the full course in Dyeing and Tinctorial Chemistry and graduated in 1898.  He began his apprenticeship with William Grandage Co., The Brownroyd Dyeworks, Bradford, which in 1922 was a branch of the Bradford Dyers’ Association.

In 1901, he became Assistant Lecturer and Demonstrator of Practical Dyeing at the University of Leeds, where he spent two years.  He emigrated to the United States and became Chief Chemist with American Dyeing & Finishing Co., Hawthorne, N. J.  In 1906 he joined Peerless Finishing, Nyack, N. Y., and became Assistant Superintendent until 1908.

He joined Oriental Silk in 1908 as Superintendent and Colorist in the Paterson works.  In 1911, he became Treasurer and General Manager, and in 1913 Vice President and General Manager.

Wood eventually joined Royce Chemical late in his career and continued his extensive interaction with AATCC as a frequent committee member and author of numerous papers.  He was awarded the Olney Medal by AATCC in 1957.

Percival J. Wood Men of Mark 1920s



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