James H. Holt and Sons

Edwin Michael Holt started it all at the Alamance Cotton Factory. His wife gave birth to seven healthy sons who grew to manhood, including James H. Holt who also had seven sons. They also grew to manhood and helped James H. & his sons to establish a textile empire.

Textile Heritage Museum
Photo: Julie Mock

The Holts established Alamance, Carolina, Glencoe, and later added Elmira, Lakeside, and Windsor Mills in and around Burlington, NC. With the development of yarn dyeing first begun at the Alamance plant in 1853, plaids became a very important part of their business. Eventually, Holt Plaids and Alamance Plaids were famous everywhere.

These package labels from various companies in Alamance County are on display in the Textile Heritage Museum, Glencoe.  Photo: Julie Mock