Edward R. Schwarz

Fourth Olney Medalist 1947
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Edward R. Schwarz – Fourth Olney Medalist 1947


The Olney Medal for 1947 was awarded to Professor Edward R. Schwarz, Head of the Textile Division at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, at ceremonies held during the National Convention of AATCC in the Congress Hotel, Chicago, Illinois on October 25, 1947. The medal was presented by A. P. Howes, President of Howes Publishing Company, donors of the Medal. Walter J. Hamburger, Fabric Research Laboratories introduced “Edward R. Schwarz –The Man”, and Kenneth R., Fox, President of Lowell Textile Institute spoke on “Edward R. Schwarz – The Scientist”.

Courtesy American Dyestuff Reporter

Prof. Schwarz is well known as a textile technologist, particularly for his contributions in the field of textile microscopy and textile testing. He was formerly vice­president of the Textile Research Institute. He is author of the book, “Textiles and the Microscope,” co­author of the “American Cotton Handbook” and “Matthews Textile Fibers,” and author of numerous scientific and technical papers on textile research. He graduated from MIT in 1923 and has been a member of the instructional staff at the Institute. He has held his present position for the last ten years.

Professor Schwarz is a Fellow of the Textile Institute, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is a member of the AATCC, Textile Research Institute, American Association of Textile Technologists, American Institute of Physics, Optical Society of America, and the Scientific Advisory Board, Military Planning Division, Research and Development Branch, O.M.P.G.



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