Textile Machinery Trademarks

The textile machinery suppliers were the enablers.  Without the driving “Yankee Ingenuity” that drove invention and manufacturing in the 19th century, advances would have been slow to say the least.  Here are a few of the trademarks.  Hopefully full articles will follow!  Scanned logos courtesy of Peter Metzke.

Saco-Lowell mid-1920s

Leesona 1915

B.S. Roy 1920

Continental Latch Needle 1915

Butterworth 1918

Howard & Bullough Picker 1934

James Hunter 1915

Crompton & Knowles 1901

Easton & Burnham Machine Co. 1901


Fall River Machine Co. 1901

Providence Machine 1901

Saco & Pettee Machine Shops 1901



Whitin Machine Works 1901

Smith & Furbush Machine Co, Philadelphia – 1917 edition of Textile World

Geo. W. Payne 1913 Textile World Record

Sipp Machine Co., Paterson, NJ 1910

Whitin Heavy Loom 1917

Excelsior Needle Co, Torrington, Conn – 1916 Textile World

Wildman Mfg Co, Norristown, PA – Established 1889 – 1913 Textile World