Olney Medalists


In 1944, the Howes Publishing Company, publisher of the American Dyestuff Reporter endowed an award to recognise achievements in textile wet chemistry.  The first recipient named was Dr. Louis Atwell Olney, the founder of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.  The award has been presented annually since 1944 and is regarded as the highest award bestowed by the AATCC.

1944  Louis Atwell Olney — Lowell Textile Institute, Lowell, MA

1945  Milton Harris  —  National Bureau of Standards, Washington

1946  William H. Cady — U.S. Finishing Co., MA           

1947  Edward R. Schwarz — Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

1948  Harold M. Chase — Dan River Mills, Danville, VA           

1949  Charles A. Seibert — DuPont Chemical Co., Deepwater, NJ

1950  George L. Royer — American Cyanamid, Bound Brook, NJ

1951 Raymond W. Jacoby — Ciba, Corp., Hoboken, NJ

1952  Werner von Bergen — Forstmann Woolen Co., Passaic, NJ

1953  Roland E. Derby Sr. — The Roland Derby Co.

1954  William D. Appel — National Bureau of Standards

1955  Miles A. Dahlen — DuPont Company

1956  Walter J. Hamburger — Fabric Research Laboratories

1957  P. J. Wood —Oriental Silk Printing Co., Paterson, NJ, Royce Chemical Co.

1958  Henry E. Millson — American Cyanamid

1959  Emery I. Valko — Lowell Technological Institute

1960  Arnold M. Sookne — Harris Research Laboratories

1961  Fred Fortess — Celanese Corporation of America

1962  Charles F. Goldthwait — North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

1963  Giuliana C. Tesoro — JP Stevens & Co.

1964  Richard O. Steele — Rohm & Haas Co.

1965  Herman F. Mark — Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn

1966  Wilson A. Reeves — US Department of Agriculture

1967  Edwin I. Stearns — American Cyanamid

1968   Harold P. Lundgren — US Department of Agriculture


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The Olney Medal, presented annually by AATCC
Courtesy Keith R. Beck 2006 Medalist

Billy Gardner,  Steve Brooks, Professor Harold Freeman 2004 Medalist, Professor Peter Hauser, Fred Collins.  Courtesy Harold Freeman

College of Textiles Dean Blanton Godfrey, Professor Keith Beck 2006 Medalist, Fred Collins, M Dohnen, Chair, Olney Committee.  Courtesy Keith Beck