Full Fashion Hosiery – Part 2

7. Looping the toe closed before seaming up the back of the leg. Satco looping machine. Satco Lowell Co.

8. Up to 60 loopers on the floor. A highly­skilled job. Tables covered to minimise snags.


9. Seaming up the back of the leg – M­4D seaming machine. Union Special

10. Final greige inspection for picks, pulls and seaming defects. Notice hole at top of seam. This is the finishing loop caused by the seaming machine turning the stocking top, or welt, inside out for a double thickness. Notice toe and heel reinforced area.


11. Atmospheric dye tubs by Smith Drum. These are 500 lb. tubs and can dye 1000 dozen stockings in about four hours. Tumblers (not shown) Huebsch

12. Boarding machines heat set and shape stockings. Steam 150F 10 minutes.


13. Pairing – to pair two identical stockings together.

13A. Pairing


13B.  Long fold storage

14.  Transferring – to denote size, you heat transfer label to each pair. Folding and boxing


15.  Folding and boxing.

16.  Boxing Ready to go to picking bins to put into shipping cartons for shipping by common carrier (trucks).


Full Fashion Hosiery Process – Part 1