Beyond Water Power to Steam

1876 Centennial Exhibition Phila. Corliss Steam Engine – eliminated need for water power
Coal and cotton could arrive by train ­ New Mills built close to railroad

1881 Oneida Cotton Mill – Graham by L. Banks Holt

1882 Lafayette Mill – E. Webb Ave. Peter, Lafayette Holt and G. Anthony

1892 1st knitted fabric at Lafayette – later named Aurora. Later used by Standard Hosiery, Kayser­Roth. Torn down 2007

1883 EM Holt Plaid Mill – later Gold Toe/Moretz Hosiery
By 1886 there were 13 cotton mills in the county and many more to come

1870s –Moses and Ceasar Cone ­ Brothers from Baltimore rep for local mills 1891 Erwin, Holt, barter with Belk Stores

1889 Cora Mill built in Haw River– later named Tabardrey – Thos. M. Holt

1893 Thos. M. Holt Cotton Mill built in Haw River