Recycled Mills

Many of the beautiful old mills of the 18th century with thick stone or brick walls and interesting riverside locations are being converted to condominiums with a view.

Apalache Mill, Greer, SC:

Camperdown Mills, Greenville, SC (1873) has become the focus of many activities in downtown Greenville:

The Erwin Cotton Mills Co., West Durham, NC: was built after water power was essential.  Now located in a vibrant part of Durham.

Hope Mill Village has been created in Scituate, RI.  The original mill began in 1806.

The Loray Mills, Gastonia, NC have been renovated as condominiums.

The textile mills in Lowell, Massachusetts have been renovated into museums and apartments.  Mass Mills has completed two phases and appears to be bogged down regarding Phase III.

The Monaghan Mill (1901), built by the Parker brothers, Greenville, SC has been converted to condominiums:

The Stanley Woolen Mill (also known as the Luke Taft Mill), Uxbridge, Massachusetts: this site was created and furnished by Peter Metzke. See also the next site listed below the Metzke site.

Another Stanley Woolen Mill site is available and shows that work continues by Deane Redevelopment.  A history of the mill is given:

Woodside Cotton Mill, Simpsonville, SC:

The Osprey Plant of Bibb Manufacturing Co., in Porterdale, Ga.  Plant has been converted to loft condos and shops.  Located on the Yellow River.  Location has been used in several episodes of “In The Heat of the Night” TV series.  See Porterdale Mill

Courtesy of Gerald Bradley