Northwood Hosiery

Northwood Hosiery Company, 235 W. Wyoming Ave., Philadelphia was incorporated 1925 with a capitalization of $200,000.  The officers were: A. E. (Ernest) Margerison, President , his son, A. E. (Earl) Margerison, Secretary, and John K. Voehringer, Jr., Treasurer, to produce Full Fashion silk Hosiery.  In the 1927 Davison’s Textile Blue Book, they listed 33 Knitting machines, 8 seam machines and 3 winders.  They employed 70.  1

Patent 1,878,416 was issued on Sept. 20, 1932 to Mock, Judson, Voehringer Company Inc. of Philadelphia (Northwood?).  Albert E. Margerison and Carl R Hahn were granted this patent for the knitting of full fashioned hosiery with a turned welt at the top.2  The company was absorbed by Mojud and became a part of that company.

A strike  on July 14, 1933 involving some 12,000 hosiery workers in Reading and Philadelphia was reported.   Some of these marched on Northwood Hosiery. 3


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