Mount Vernon Mills

Trion, GA

On October 12, 1845, the first Mount Vernon plant began operation in Trion, Georgia.  The first mill was a two- story log structure.   Spun yarn was the only product.  In 1999, the Trion plant was one of the world’s largest denim manufacturing facilities.

During the early years of the Civil War, the plant manufactured woolen uniform fabric for the Confederate Army soldiers.  While the plant was spared when General William Tecumseh Sherman and his army came through north Georgia in their way to Savannah in 1864, it was destroyed by fire in 1875.

CNN covered this mill in 2009. From farm field to cotton mill: The making of America’s denim

Source:   John W. McCurrey, Melissa Stampley, Walter N. Rozelle, Textile World, December 1999, p65.