Mojud Prehistory

Events Leading to the Formation of Mock, Judson and Voehringer, Inc.

This added paragraph is a supplement to the information we have already written. This rise to corporate greatness in Philadelphia started a long time prior to that final association that became Mojud Hosiery Co, Inc. In 1907, there was the German-American Hosiery Mills, owned by Robert Meyer, His associate was Henry Lehmuth.  In 1911, Lehmuth opened his own hosiery company with his brothers: Charles as Vice President; brother George as Treasurer and Oscar Nebel, as Superintendent and Buyer.

In 1911, John K. Voehringer, Jr., began his career at age 14 in the hosiery industry as an office boy in the Henry Lehmuth Hosiery Company. He worked for the Lehmuth firm from 1911 until 1919. In 1920, John began working for Oscar Nebel, who had formed his own hosiery company, The Oscar Nebel Company.  John became an officer and rose to Secretary/Treasurer of the Nebel concern.

In 1922, Oscar Nebel and an associate, Richard Schletter, along with John K. Voehringer, Jr. petitioned for a corporate charter to be named “The Richard Schletter Co.” with Schletter as President and Voehringer as Secretary/Treasurer.

In 1925, researchers also found that A. Ernest Margerison was a partner in the “Richard Schletter & Zander Hosiery Mills.” Attempts to follow that company structure were not productive.

A bonus note of this company structure was that in 1925, a catalyst year, The Oscar Nebel Company was sold to the Gotham Silk Company and was thereby dissolved. In that same year, it was recorded that Voehringer bought the Henry Lehmuth Hosiery Company. Research noted that the Lehmuth hosiery was operated for another 18 months or so and sold to render funds to the Mock, Judson, Voehringer corporate structure that was building the Greensboro Mill.

We know of the Northwood Hosiery Company and the Mojud connection in this 1925 transaction, but research still does not find when the unit was sold and where the funds were employed.

Source: George Voehringer 2012 Personal contact