Milliken & Company Plants

New and Old

Milliken & Co. announced on May 20, 2009  that it plans to sell its global Automotive Body Cloth division to a management group in Greenville, SC.  The new company will operate as: Autotex.  Several mills will be affected.  Details are still unavailable. The sale includes: the Gayley plant in Marietta; Abbeville plant in Abbeville; Cotton Blossom in Spartanburg, all in South Carolina; Avalon plant in Toccoa, Ga.; and Autotex plant in Brazil, as well as support operations in the United Kingdom, Japan and China.

The company’s Sharon plant, located near Abbeville, SC, and employing 140 associates, will be closed. Source: Carmichael International based on news reports.


Name                                     Location                                  Products

Abbeville                              1895 Abbeville, SC                   Spun yarn, piece dye wool and synthetic blends

Alma                                       Nichols, GA                              Carpet yarn spinning    

Auto Lamination                     Spartanburg, SC                       Mfg. Coated fabrics for automotive, napery & outdoor

Avalon                                    Toccoa, GA        

Barnwell                                 1955-2009 Barnwell, SC           Bought from Amerotron 1963  Specialty uniforms and
table linens dyeing & finish.

Belton                                     Belton, SC                                From Amerotron 1963  Closed

Calumet                                  LaGrange, GA                          Bought from Callaway   Flocked fabrics and piece dyeing
–closed and razed

Carson Nonwovens Plant       Carson, CA                               2009 from Western Nonwovens

Cedar Hill                                Jonesville, SC                           Weaving – greige goods

Clearfield Nonwovens Plant   Clearfield, Utah                        2009 from Western Nonwovens

Cotton Blossom                     Spartanburg, SC                        Warehouse and Pilot Mfg

Cushman                                Williamston, SC                        Texturing, twisting, winding

Cypress                                  Blacksburg, SC                         Batch Specialty Chemical Operations

Darlington Manufacturing 1883  Darlington, SC                     Closed

DeFore                                 Clemson, SC                              Automotive fabric / Weft Knitting 4  Closed and

Dewey  1963                       Inman, SC                                  Specialty Organic chemicals

Drayton                                Spartanburg, SC                        Former Spartan Mills plant – Closed

Duncan M. Stewart             LaGrange, GA                            Upholstery

Elm City                               LaGrange, GA                            Automotive fabrics

Enterprise                            Marietta, GA        

Excelsior                              Union, SC                                 Knitting and piece dyeing Closed 2003

Exeter  purchased 1966      Exeter, NH                                Closed prior to 1987

Gaffney Manufacturing       1892, Gaffney, SC                     Closed

Gayley                                 Marietta, SC                              Automotive and elastics dyeing & finishing

Gerrish Milliken                   Pendleton, SC                           Water Jet Weaving – Automotive, outerwear, napery

Ralph Gillespie                    Union, SC                                  Nonwovens closed 2003

Gilliland purchased 1965     Laurens, SC                              Knit fabrics – Specialty industrial and other businesses

Golden Valley                      Bostic, NC                                 Knitting

Hartsville                             Hartsville, SC                             Closed

Hatch                                  Columbus, NC                           Knitting and dyeing

Hillcrest-Sommer                Simpsonville, SC                       Flocked carpet for auto interiors

Hillside                                LaGrange, GA                            Carpet

Honea Path 1963                Honea Path, SC                         From Amerotron Closed

Humphrey                           Toccoa, GA        

Johnston                             Johnston, SC                             Mfg. fabrics for apparel industries, active wear, uniforms,
fine goods

Judson                                1913 Greenville, SC                   Mfg. yarn packs & wraps

Kex                                      LaGrange, GA                           Industrial rugs & wipes

Kingsley                               Thomaston, GA        

Kingstree                             Kingstree, SC                           Winding & twisting

Live Oak                              LaGrange, GA                           Carpet square D&F burned 1995, rebuilt ASAP.  Millitron
carpet printing

Lockhart                              Lockhart, SC                             Cotton jersey knit -Closed

Machias                              Machias, ME                             Woolen Closed

McCormick                         McCormick, SC                         Water Jet Weaving – outerwear, drapery, napery, automotive

Magnolia                             Blacksburg, SC                          Integrated fabric piece and continuous dyeing & finishing

Midway                               Union, SC                                  Knit finishing (closed) & warehouse

Milliken Electronics            Inman, SC                                  Closed

Milliken Research               Spartanburg, SC                        Integrated research and pilot plant

Milliken Design                   LaGrange, GA                           Carpet design

Milliken Packaging              Jonesville, SC        

Monarch 1917-2009           Union, SC                                  Mfg. yarn for auto, apparel and upholstery.

New Holland                       Gainesville, GA                         Former Spartan Mills plant     

Newton                               Hartwell, GA                             Named for Russell B. Newton 1965 – Broad woven

Orlando Nonwoven Plant    Orlando, FL                               2009 from Western Nonwovens

Ottaray                                Union, SC                                  Closed

Pacolet Mills                        Pacolet, SC                               Closed

Peerless                              Belton, SC                                 Closed

Excelsior Pendleton             Pendleton, SC                          1948- Integrated piece dye & finish of specialty fabrics

Pine Mountain                     Pine Mountain, GA                   Industrial fabrics

Red Springs 1963                Red Springs, NC                       Woolen plant bought from Amerotron.  (Closed)

Robbins 1963                      Robbins, NC                              Woolen plant bought from Amerotron
(closed – burned Aug. 17, 2008) (3)

Rutherfordton                      Rutherfordton, NC                    Woolen Closed 1960s.

Saluda  1966                        Saluda, SC                                Closed 2003

Sauget Nonwovens Plant    Sauget, IL                                 2009 from Western Nonwovens

Sharon                                 Abbeville, SC                            Mfg. Automotive, retail, other decorative fabrics

Alan B. Sibley 1965             Lavonia, GA  

Saint George Plant              Saint George, Utah                   From Western Nonwovens              

Stearns                                Stearns, KY                              American Bag plant opened 1992 closed 2004

Sycamore                            Clinton, SC                               Warehousing, Distribution, Maintenance for Milliken
transportation fleet

Tetra Pak                             Whitestone, SC                        Mfg. coated / laminated materials for packing

Unity                                    LaGrange, GA        

Valway                                 LaGrange, GA        

Winfield                               Winfield, TN                             American Bag plant closed 2005



Dierman Mill Purchased 1965
Milliken Chemical, Ghent, Belgium  Mfgers of plastics colorants.

Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone, Jiangshu Province. Modular carpet plant –  open 2008

Lodgemore Mill, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK Woolen specialty products (billiard cloth, tennis ball fabric, etc)
Wellington purchased 1963  sold to internal group 2011
Modular carpet and Millitron Plant

Milliken France, St. Alba.  Mfg of polyester filament yarn
Roisel and outside Privas, France

Milliken Modular Carpet and Millitron



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